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How to Improve Safety at Your Facility When Hosting a Large Event

If your business is hosting any type of event that will result in lots of added vehicle and foot traffic, you may want to consider how to enhance the safety of the property and the surrounding parking lot. It can also be good to consider how to direct both vehicle and foot traffic, so that everyone knows where they should go for parking, the event itself, restrooms, and the like. Note a few tips on how to improve safety at your facility or in any area when you're hosting a large event that will result in added traffic and pedestrians.

Traffic lights and stop signs

To reduce the risk of a collision in a parking lot, you might consider temporary traffic lights and stop signs at various intersections. This can ensure no one simply runs through that intersection, and also allows for easier traffic flow and less congestion, as the lights and signs will hold back some traffic so that other cars and trucks can have a chance to get through the intersection. These lights and stop signs are also good to install where there will be the most foot traffic, so that vehicles are forced to stop, and so that pedestrians also stop at the intersection and allow cars a chance to get through, reducing both vehicle and pedestrian traffic congestion.

Speed bumps

A driver racing through your parking lot during a crowded event can be very dangerous, so you might consider adding temporary speed bumps at various intervals. These are especially good for open areas, away from parked cars, where drivers may be more tempted to increase their speeds, which then also increases the risk of an accident or injury.

Arrow boards

Arrow boards can direct the traffic in your lot, for less congestion and to ensure everyone knows the right location for parking, for the event itself, for the exits, and the like. Many arrow boards come with a digital display, to spell out the words "parking," "exit," and so on.

Speed signs

Speed signs are very good for events with increased foot traffic, as this can help remind drivers that they need to slow down and look for pedestrians. These signs are especially good for an event located in an area with an open road; for example, if you're having your event in a park rather than on your own property, you may want to put up a temporary speed sign along the road leading to the park, so drivers slow down and pedestrians have less risk of being hit and injured.

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