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4 Money-Saving Tips When Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are planning to go big with a marriage proposal, why not put a diamond ring on your partner's finger? However, such a proposition might not auger well with many people due to the expensive nature of diamond engagement rings. But buying an engagement ring does not mean that you splash all your savings for one small item. With a few considerations highlighted in this article, you can buy a ring even when money is tight. Here are a few useful tips to get you started.

Set Your Budget -- A few decades ago, there was a simple guiding principle that one needed to save one to three months' salary to buy an engagement ring. Nowadays, the dynamics have changed. Most potential partners are very young, and some have no stable source of income to raise funds to buy an expensive engagement ring. As an alternative, you can start saving some money towards such a goal as early as possible. Further, it does not hurt to try talking to your parents or close friends who may be willing to offer financial assistance. Besides, several financing options can help you to acquire a diamond engagement ring without paying all the cash up front. The bottom line is that the decision you make should be wise and based on your finances.

Research Diamond Engagement Rings --You should never pop into a jeweler's store without any clue regarding the type of ring you want to buy. The failure to do your research coupled with a wide range of diamond engagement rings on display can leave you overwhelmed. Therefore, do some basic research on diamond rings, including the 4 C's of diamonds, the types available, and the price. Some of the resources to get you started are a few keystrokes away. Besides, if you think that inquiring about the choice of a diamond engagement ring from your partner would ruin the surprise, why not ask their close friends or check out their jewelry collection?

Buy Pre-Owned Rings -- Engagement rings can be acquired from previous owners who wish to dispose of them at a reasonable price. For those who are into vintage items, a pre-owned diamond engagement ring can be ideal, as it is not only cheaper, but it also has some history that can be passed to another generation.

Diamond Ring Configurations --Staying on a budget requires you to make tough choices, which might sometimes seem absurd. Buying a somewhat smaller diamond can amount to huge savings. For example, if you opt for a diamond to be cut at 1.8 carats instead of a round figure of 2 carats, then you can realize some huge savings.