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2 Attractive And Innovative Cement Products To Revamp The Exterior Of Your Home

Cement has been a mainstay of the construction industry for decades. It's strong, durable and cost-effective and can be used in a wide variety of both residential and commercial applications. These days, cement has become even more popular due to innovative products made by companies such as James Hardie.

As well as decorative polished concrete flooring, premade composite cement products are a fast and effective way to update the look of your home's exterior. Here are two attractive, versatile and practical cement products that you might like to consider for your home's facade.

1. Fibre cement weatherboards

External weatherboard cladding is a much-loved material that's been a design feature on Australian homes for over a century. Traditionally made from timber, it's now possible to buy fibre cement weatherboard panels that give you the coveted look of timber without any of the pitfalls.

Unlike timber, fibre cement weatherboards won't require regular sanding, painting or sealing. They also provide a higher resistance to fire, moisture damage and termite infestation than their timber counterparts. In addition, fibre cement weatherboards provide an effective barrier against thermal transference, which will increase the insulation level of your home significantly.

Fibre cement weatherboards also provide a wide scope for creating different looks for your home's interior. As well as a wide range of colour options and board widths, you can also choose between traditional and contemporary profiles and smooth or textured finishes.

2. Fibre cement decking

Decks are an integral feature of many Australian homes and are often used as an outdoor room and extension of a home's living space. Again, timber has been the traditional material of choice for decks, but the issues with maintenance and damage caused by exposure to the elements have led many homeowners to look for an alternative.

Fibre cement decking systems are an excellent choice if you want a deck that is incredibly strong, requires very little maintenance and is fast and easy to install. The decking boards come in a range of widths and colours, and you can opt for a wood grain effect if you want to recreate the look of real timber.

Fibre cement decking comes with a specially designed installation system made from anodized aluminium. The precast grooves in the boards can simply be clipped together with the aluminium joiners. This system means that installation is fast and simple, whether you do it yourself or use a contractor.

To learn more about your options, contact companies that sell James Hardie products.