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Mobility Scooter Maintenance Tips

Although people with mobility problems can use a wheelchair to get around, a mobility scooter is a better option. It is fast, it fosters increased independence, and it is easy to use. Since a mobility scooter serves a loved one well, it is crucial to return the favour. A little bit of tender loving care in the form of routine maintenance and servicing ensures that a mobility scooter performs optimally. This article highlights essential tips for maintaining a mobility scooter.

Inspect the Seat -- A notable feature that sets some mobility scooters apart from the rest is a detachable seat. The seat makes it easy for an occupant to turn independently without having to turn the entire scooter. However, frequent swivelling can wear a joint, thereby increasing the chances of it coming detached.  Therefore, service the swivelling junction regularly to ensure it holds firm. The last thing you want is to watch a loved fall to the ground in the middle of a mall. The servicing of the scooter must include the inspection of the swivel joint for signs of rusting or cracks. Furthermore, give a seat firm wiggles from time to time to ensure it is firmly attached to the scooter's frame.

Batteries -- Although manufacturers indicate how much range you can get from a mobility scooter's battery in its manual, you must understand that the figures hinge on a properly serviced battery. There is no way a scooter will go far after years of use without regular battery maintenance. Unfortunately, this is precisely what most people do for lack of knowledge. Manufacturers advise mobility scooter owners to have the scooters checked at least once a year. A professional will determine if you need to replace your battery or if you can continue using it. Besides, ensure you charge the battery for at least 12 hours every time it runs low on charge to ensure it gets charged fully.

Tires -- The condition of the tires on a mobility scooter determines the levels of comfort and safety. Just like car tyres, mobility scooter tires wear out over time, primarily when used on rough terrain. Therefore, it is crucial to examine tread depth and tire pressure regularly. Inspecting tire pressure is essential for mobility scooters with pneumatic tires. Monitoring should be done every time your loved one wants to leave a house. If treads are worn out, the affected tires must be replaced immediately for a smooth ride and for the safety of the rider.

To learn more, contact a mobility scooter supplier.