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3 Reasons You Need to Get Your Annual Fire Safety Statements

According to the Australian Building Codes, every building should observe fire safety measures. The code protects the building from the possibility of fire. The building owner should inspect the building after construction. Afterward, they need to prepare an annual fire safety statement to ensure they still adhere to the set standard.

You need to follow the safety measures as they play a vital role in your building. Most building owners comply to avoid issues with the law. Find out other reasons to have an annual fire safety inspection done.

Guarantees Your Fire Detection System Is Working 

The fire inspection is a chance to examine the fire detection system to determine if it is working at its optimal level. In case there are any issues, you can fix them before they escalate. It is easier to repair or replace parts that are not working than to deal with a fire incident.

When doing the inspection, maintenance of every system is vital. The benefit of maintenance is that it will prolong the devices' lives and ensure they serve you a long time. Without servicing the fire detection unit, you might have to replace them after a short duration. What is worse is they will not function as required and might not give a fire signal on time.

Ensure the Building Occupants Are Safe

Life safety is another reason to have the inspection done. It is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure those who occupy the building are safe. A regular review is ideal as it will guarantee a secure environment.

The annual fire safety statement will also give those using the building peace of mind. The owner needs to have the report by the entryway to show they have complied with the law. Reading the statement and ascertaining it is up to date will reassure those who work in the facility.

Lessen Insurance Premiums

Maintaining your building and having a fire system in place might lead to you getting discounts from insurance companies. Putting measures in place will reduce the chances of accidents taking place and show responsibility, and the insurance company might reward you for it.

Even if you pay full premiums, an insurance claim might be rejected if you have not complied with the law on fire safety. The annual fire safety statement will come in handy to show that you have adhered to the regulation.

Dealing with fire inspection is complicated, and that is why you need experts to handle the project for you. The right team will not only do the assessment but also give you recommendations on how you can improve your facility's fire hazards.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers annual fire safety statement services.